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Update from the Office

Dear Members -

We hope everyone is keeping healthy during this difficult and tedious time, with distancing from friends and families now wearing very thin. It affects everyone of course, particularly those of our members living alone and with health issues.

Throughout the Summer we have been giving considerable thought and discussion as to how and when we might be able to reopen and resume our activities. As you will have guessed, a September start has proved to be impossible, and January is looking like the earliest we can now hope for.

It is made extremely difficult because of the continuing uncertainty surrounding the progress of the pandemic and the changing landscape of government advice. Also, despite our efforts to establish the Council’s plans, no positive information has been forthcoming and we apologise that we have not been able to update you with any news.

We do know however that as things stand, if and when the Civic Centre reopens, initially capacity in rooms will be down at least 50%, which will impact badly on our income. Regrettably some courses may prove impossible to run, and to make classes viable we expect to have to raise prices to members. In an attempt to alleviate such rises we have accordingly asked the Council if they could reduce or waive our room hire charges for a period.

Our online survey showed a large proportion of members keen to return; please be assured we intend to reopen as soon as we are able.  The safety of members, tutors, and office staff will be a prime consideration to ensure everyone can feel comfortable and confident in rejoining.

As regards our social activities, we will review the regulations in force once we reopen and make it a priority to organise as many new activities as we can – we know how much these have been missed.

The Covid 19 pandemic has dealt the world a severe blow, and aside from the uncertainty of the Civic Centre, the future of Wirral 3Ls will depend entirely upon the continued loyalty of our members, our tutors, and our volunteer staff. We ask for your support and understanding at this difficult time.

We will continue to review the position and will update this notice as soon as the situation becomes clear.

We will also be writing to all members when it becomes possible for us to reopen, with details of our new Programme, enrolment dates and procedures, etc..

Please take care to follow all advice issued by the Government regarding your health and wellbeing,  and we hope it will not be too long before we will see you again.

With Best Wishes,

David Bickford, General Manager, Wirral 3Ls.

6th September 2020


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