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Office Message (Nov 2020)

A message from the Trustees of Wirral 3Ls, November 2020

Dear Members,

We hope that you are all keeping yourselves as safe as possible during these difficult and trying times.

General position

The Trustees met last week in order to take stock of the current situation, particularly concerning access to Bebington Civic Centre so that we could report back to the Members.

Our first discussion concerned the status of your membership and we decided to automatically extend your membership for another full year without payment of the usual annual fee. This means that anyone who signed up as a member for the year ending July 31st 2020, will remain as a member until July 31st 2021.

What we all want more than anything is to re-open for classes and to re-start our social activities at 3Ls, but David Bickford has recently had discussions with the Council and unsurprisingly, following Merseyside’s recent designation as a Tier 3 area, it has been confirmed to him that there is no immediate prospect of the Civic Centre re-opening. On this basis the Trustees have decided that we will not be re-opening for classes for the whole of the term due to start in January 2021. In addition, although we will continue to meet to keep matters under review and hope for more encouraging news, the Trustees felt that we may not be able to start up until September 2021. 

3Ls is essentially about sociability, but we have begun a review to see if it is possible/viable to organise some classes online. Whilst we fully understand that such an arrangement would be a poor relation to our ‘live’ classes and also that there would be some of our members who would be unable to join in, we will explore the feasibility.

Trustee Treasurer vacancy

The Trustee post of Treasurer is a role which has been vacant since the sad death of Norman Simpson. This is an important position within the organisation so if you think you have the necessary qualities for this role, we would be pleased to hear from you.
Please click on the Treasurer Vacancy button for more information.

Credit notes

We are mindful that a large number of our members received credit notes for classes which we had to cancel back in Spring, and we would like to refund these to you rather than have you waiting indefinitely, and it will assist us to minimise our workload once we reopen. Will members wanting credit notes refunded please contact our Financial Administrator at [email protected] and Lesley will contact you and arrange to refund your card or send you a cheque. As there are a lot of members involved and the process will take some time, please bear with us.


The AGM was held on October 21st and the minutes can be read by clicking on the AGM Minutes button.

Keeping in touch

Until the Civic Centre reopens we unfortunately have no phones or mailing address available for members’ contact, so do please check our website from time to time for updates. If you would like to be kept advised by email whenever any news is released, please click the ‘Subscribe’ button and type in your email address - there is no charge to subscribe.


The Trustees are very mindful of the importance that 3Ls has for many of you and we will be working as hard as possible to re-open as soon as practically possible.  In the meantime we will keep you informed – particularly via our website – and we look forward to welcoming you back when the current situation allows us all to meet safely again.

With Best Wishes,

The Trustees of Wirral 3Ls,

November 2020.

AGM Minutes


Treasurer Vacancy

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