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A wide range of courses to suit all abilities.

Please note - when you see this symbol against a course, it means that it runs for three terms beginning in September. New learners should not enrol after that term.  All other courses may be joined at any term.

Available Classes

♦ Spanish Level 1

This course is for complete beginners and aims to develop your vocabulary and knowledge of the language. It introduces you to various scenarios where you will be conversing with other learners and the tutor to increase your expertise and confidence in understanding and using Spanish in a number of everyday situations. 

With Jayne Dixon,

Monday Midday

Spanish Level 2

Builds upon the knowledge and skills acquired in Level 1. Whilst the emphasis is still on speaking and listening, you will gradually be introduced to the structure and grammar of the language, and develop your skills to communicate in the past and future tenses.

With Jayne Dixon,

Tuesday Morning

Spanish Level 3

This course is for those who have a certain level of Spanish, and emphasises conversation and communication, with an introduction to the cultural aspect of Spain. Learners will become increasingly confident in a wider range of topics in the present, future and past tenses.

With Jayne Dixon,

Monday Afternoon

Spanish Level 4

This course is for learners who have attended approximately three years of adult education classes. It will build on prior learning to improve conversation skills, with a high level of accuracy.

With Jayne Dixon,

Wednesday Midday

Spanish Level 5

This year, the course will focus on the contents of Pasaporte al español 1, which is an excellent in-depth consolidation resource to follow on from the BBC Talk Spanish books 1 and 2 and the materials used in Level 4.

With Jayne Dixon,

Wednesday Morning

Spanish Level 6

Este curso sirve para ofrecer a los estudiantes que ya tienen un conocimiento bastante amplio de español oportunidades de practicar el idioma en un gran número de temas actuales e históricas. Además de conversar y escuchar, también veremos (extractos de) películas o programas de TV y o mantenemos or mejoramos nuestra confianza con los aspectos de la gramática.

With Jayne Dixon,

Wednesday Afternoon

Class Times

Unless otherwise stated, standard class times are as follows:

Morning: 10:00 - 12:00
Midday: 12:15 - 14:15
Afternoon: 14:30 - 16:30