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A wide range of courses to suit all abilities.

Available Classes

♦ Photography - Starters

An introductory two-term course for digital camera users struggling to understand how it works from the instruction booklet or disc.  Graduate from being a ‘happy snapper’ towards a true photographer, and get more satisfaction from your results.  We will cover focusing, choosing shutter speeds and apertures, correct exposures, camera modes, etc.. Advice will be offered on picture composition, how to use light, and easy ways to eliminate errors using practical examples.

WithRobin Eley-Jones,

WednesdayMidday (12:15 - 13:45)

Photography - Intermediate

For those with some experience with an SLR / Bridge / Mirrorless / high-level compact camera, and who want to understand more about selecting shutter speeds, apertures, and focusing. We examine the camera’s advanced features such as spot metering, ISO, depth-of-field / focus, manual focusing, colour / white balance, histograms etc. Those joining will gain a better understand of how light can be used effectively, and simple ways their pictures can become more creative. The course will include technical advice, practical sessions, print critiques & discussions, and occasional optional weekly assignments.

WithRobin Eley-Jones,

ThursdayAfternoon (14:30 - 16:00)

Photography - Advanced

For more advanced photographers who wish to further their abilities through group activities, optional assignments and critiques. It will build on the topics covered in the Intermediate class (see above), include discussions on camera technical functions chosen by participants (as required),  and by studying fellow learners’ work it will help members develop their own photographic styles.

WithRobin Eley-Jones,

WednesdayAfternoon (14:30 - 16:00)