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Tutor: Steve Andrews
Level 1 Tuesday 2.30-4.30
This course is for absolute beginners, and will enable the learner to survive in Italy, buying food, travelling, making bookings and communicating with strangers. It will also give a basic background to the culture and the do’s and don’ts of life in modern Italy. Uses ‘Talk Italian 1’ (BBC Publications).

Level 2 Monday 10-12
For those who have completed the Beginners Course or who have invested some time in independent study. If you are unsure about the level please discuss with the tutor. We review previous knowledge, fill the gaps and build on what we know. Topics include booking holidays, accommodation, asking for directions, shopping, weather and more besides! Uses ‘Nuovo Progetto Italiano 1a’ Edilingua publications (www.italianbookshop.co.uk) ISBN 978-960-693-125-3

Level 3 Friday 10-12
This course is a continuation of the exploration of the Italian language. Most people in the group will have studied for two years previously and wish to continue their studies. Uses ‘Nuovo Progetto Italiano 1b’ ISBN 978-960-693-126-0

Level 4 Wednesday 12.15-2.15
Suitable for students who have studied Italian for at least 3 years (or have achieved GCSE level) and who wish to deepen their knowledge of the Italian language and culture. Nuovo Progetto Italiano 2a. ISBN 978-960-7706-75-1

Level 5 Wednesday 10-12
Aimed at students who have completed at least 4 years study and have a good conversational grasp of the language since lessons and discussions will be conducted in Italian. Nuovo Progetto Italiano 2a. ISBN 978-960-7706-75-1